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Cookie Policy

Files that are stored on your device to let us get information about your behavior and preferences are called cookies. These are browser files that also allow us to keep your information safe, let you stay logged in, and remembered by the system. They don’t disclose any of your personal information that could identify you as an individual.

When you use services and features presented at EssayTeach, you automatically allow us to use your cookies. You can deactivate them at any moment, but this will prevent you from accessing most of the services we provide.

What Types of Cookies Do We Use?

  • Session cookies

This type of cookies allows us to gather temporary data about your user experience. These cookies are stored at your device as long as you are browsing EssayTeach. Once you leave the website, all cookies are deleted from your device.

  • Persistent cookies

This type of cookies is used between your visits and helps us remember your preferences. As such, the website remembers you, so you don’t have to log in every time.

Why Do We Need Cookies?

  • To track your behavior and analyze it
  • To help you stay logged in
  • To communicate with you through our website
  • To let our website look and work just the way we have created it

We use Google Analytics for further research of customers’ interactions with our website. Cookies serve to save your activity on the website and then this information is stored at Google. With the help of this data, we gather statistics and improve our website.

You can block or/and delete cookie files whenever you want, but be aware that this will restrict your actions at this website. Cookies are not connected with your personal information in any way. We don’t use this technology to gather any kind of data that may disclose you as an individual. As such, we don’t have access to your contact information, name, address or any other data of that kind when we use cookies. Any personal information we may store is provided by you. This way, we keep our customers aware of the ways we collect and save their data.

Please note that this document might be changed at any time. Check this page and track the changes yourself to be aware of any adjustments. If you have any questions regarding cookies policy or ways to disable them at your computer, you can always contact us and ask for a consultation.