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Plagiarism Checker


Free Plagiarism Checker for Students and Writers

Check your paper for originality in a fast and convenient way! EssayTeach has created a plagiarism checking tool that detects copied materials from millions of pages and databases. In a couple of seconds, you will find out if your paper contains any unoriginal material. When the check is done, you get a detailed plagiarism report that highlights sentences, phrases, and passages that need your special attention. Also, you will see a list of links that lead to the original sources. This way, you will easily find out which parts of your paper require proper citing!

Using this plagiarism checking tool is extremely simple:

  • Copy your text to the required field
  • Press the Check button
  • Wait for a couple of seconds
  • Get a report
  • Review the matching parts and rewrite/cite them properly

The report will inform you about the percentage of plagiarism found in your work and highlight concrete copied parts. This way, you will receive detailed feedback on your writing! As such, you will be fully aware which parts of your paper need to be corrected. No more surprises or problems with plagiarism – use EssayTeach to submit 100% unique pieces only!

The number of free sessions is unlimited, so you can check your content again after you have made the edits. It’s hard to find a simpler and more accurate way to ensure that your paper is original!