Guide for Educators Who Want to Join Facebook Community

Guide for Educators Who Want to Join Facebook Community
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Facebook is a winner if it comes to spreading information and millions of people already know how effective this platform can be for those who want to build any type of relationships, be it personal or commercial.

If you’re an educator who was skeptical for quite a while about all these social media platforms and now would like to join learning community in Facebook, here is a quick guide on how your profile should look like and what to do to keep your information safe.

1. Be a Real Person

If you want to get the most out of such place like Facebook, using your real name will help you get the trust of other users. No need to lose credibility because of hiding and pretending you’re another person with a fake name.

2. Try Making Your Profile Public

You’ll have more opportunities to get connected in the learning community if you make a space where you’re responsible for what you post. It’s easy to create a strong image and be a trusted role model. Just reveal those things and ideas, which are acceptable for anyone to know.

3. Take Advantage of Being in a Group

Still, there are some things, which you wouldn’t want to be shared to everyone so using groups can make a lot of difference. Create a group and give away the necessary information only to those who are allowed to see your special interests. Just be careful to check whether all members of the group are indeed those who you want to share your thoughts with.

4. What to Do With Stalking Ex-Boyfriend?

Here, it’s a no-brainer. Just block the person who shouldn’t see what you’re posting, be it stalking annoying ex-boyfriend or a colleague who you don’t find the common ground with.

5. Control Posts of Other People

Using different settings can be very handy if you need to be in charge of other people’s posts that you should see. Take some time and look through the list of timeline and tagging settings to choose what’s suitable for you. You can select an option with the help of which you’ll be the only person who can post on your timeline. You may also choose that you need to review all the posts, which you are tagged in before it is displayed in your timeline.