My Journey to a Psychology Degree

My Journey to a Psychology Degree
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Choosing a profession is one of the key decisions that we have to take in our life. At some point, each one of us has to make such a decision and answer the big question of “Who I would like to be?”

I knew who I wanted to become from an early age. I planned to help people and all my very young friends proved me time after time that I’m good at being emotionally supportive.

When one of my best friends lost his favorite toy or another kid just scratched his knee when running after a pigeon, I would always make them smile and their so hurtful experience became fun and not worthy of attention.

Intuitively, I felt that there’s something about me that can influence people’s emotions in a good way but when I became a teenager, I started analyzing everything critically and indeed, I realized that I have an ability to impact people’s lives and bring a positive change. That’s how I came up with a decision to become a psychologist.

I’ll warn you, getting a Psychology Degree is not an easy journey and it’s full of surprises, both pleasant and upsetting. The majority of people decide to study psychology because they want to help themselves or their relatives to deal with different life issues. Some of them want to make our “suffering” world a better place and some just are curious about all those Freudian and Jungian theories.

In my case, my decision was a combination of all those factors. The thing is that you realize the true value of psychology in our lives on the later courses and obviously after you start practicing in the real world and see the results of your hard work, you understand how amazing the experience is.

I love being a psychologist but during my three years of heading to my degree, I felt frustrated many times. For example, I couldn’t understand why we need to get into some of the psychometrics and psychobiology research methods. How is it related to actual psychology? I guess this question is familiar to many people since school times when many students ask why they need math if they want to study languages. Yet, the majority of the topics are in fact there for a reason so my puzzlement was not justified.

If you’re a student of Uni with active research department, you’ll benefit even more. Personally, I fell in love with social psychology and investigating the dynamics of people’s behavior in society always excites me even now.

If you decide to go for BSc, you’ll get such benefit as learning many transferable skills. If you complete the course, you’ll be eligible for the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership. This will give you a perfect basis for the career of a counselor or psychologist. Let’s extend the list and say that you can become a teacher, an academic, a researcher, and so much more.

Studying something new is always good but getting a psychology degree can help you see the world in a completely new light, even if you’re not going to make psychology your everyday job. But who knows. From my personal experience, let me warn you, the chances that you will like it are very high.